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What is the Arm

Dev Contest?

Innovation has been growing at an unstoppable pace. In the last two decades alone, we have gone from a world where only a few of us had a personal computer to a world in which most of us juggle multiple smart devices in the palm of our hands every day.

One thing that we see over and over is that innovation is accelerated by collaboration and communities that learn together.

This contest is an opportunity for you to share with the wider developer community what you have learned through the Arm AIoT Dev Summit and how this can be used to solve real-world problems in innovative ways.


Sign up by

December 18, 2019

Submit final project by

April 2, 2020

Winners announced on

April 14, 2020

What am I expected to do?

Participate in the Arm AIoT Dev Contest and drive innovation in your physical and virtual community.

Build a Proof-of-concept (PoC) that addresses a real-world problem by applying what you learnt at the Arm AIoT Dev Summit in the field of IoT, AI and Intelligent Machines.

What problems close to your heart can you address with the hardware and learnings from the Dev Summit?

Why not collaborate with other developers and experiment together!





+ Media feature of winning projects

How do I get involved?

Start a project on a community website of your choice
By Dec 18, 2019
Post updates on
social media for
extra points

Submission form coming soon!
By Apr 2, 2020
Winners announced
By Apr 14, 2020

Have a Killer Idea?



Why should I join this developer challenge?

Besides the awesome prizes you will have a chance to win! This is your chance to help to educate the community with what you have learned.

What kind of project should I create?

We are looking for an IoT, AI, robot or drone PoC that showcases the use of Arm technology in a creative and innovative way.

What are the requirements to join this project?

All you need to know to ensure your place in the project can be found on the requirements page.

Are there clear judging criteria?

100% yes! Make sure to read through all the criteria on the judging criteria page.

Is there a specific hashtag to use if I want to talk about this challenge on social media?

Yes, make sure to use the #ArmAIoTChallenge for any of your posts.

Should I use concepts of AI and ML in my project?

Absolutely! We feel that AI and ML are becoming more and more utilized in a plethora of different verticals. Some of the most innovative and creative innovation is happening thanks to the advancements in the area of ML and AI. We see more ML shifting to endpoint IoT devices enabling a whole new class of devices, we also see more and more use cases for autonomous drones and robots. We actively encourage you to consider how you can apply ML techniques to your problem.

Can I collaborate with others?

We believe in communities and welcome collaborations and joint projects!

Can I collaborate with others that haven't attended the conference?

Absolutely, we want the knowledge to be spread not to be kept from the rest of the community.

What if I didn't attend the whole conference?

Use the experience that sparked your curiosity and don't be shy to start working on something right away.

Does the project need to contain both HW and SW?

No, we also welcome innovative SW only projects.

Where should I share my project if I am not already a part of an online community?

No worries if you are not already part of an online developer community. Feel free to choose a community of your choice like Hackster, GitHub, Hackaday, Element14 or Arduino.


1/ Eligibility

You are eligible to participate in this challenge if you meet the following requirements at the time of entry:

  • You are at least 18 years of age.
  • You are not resident in a country where US export regulations apply.
  • You are not involved in executing or administrating this contest.
  • You are not a judge of the contest.

2/ Submission Requirements

To be eligible for judging, you must meet ALL of the following requirements unless otherwise stated:

General Requirements

  • You must be registered as a participant for this contest by December 18, 2019.
  • Your final submission must be entered by April 2, 2020.
  • Your application must be written in English.
  • Your project is your own original work.
  • Project must be based on Arm technology.
  • Your entry cannot have been selected as a winner in any other online contest.
  • If you are part of a team, you declare that you have been designated as the representative able to act on behalf of the other members, by the rest of your team.
  • Your final project needs to be published on a Community project portal (e.g. Arduino, Hackaday, Hackster, etc.).
  • Project needs to have obtained all required consents, approvals or licenses for you to be able to submit this entry.
  • Project needs to be submitted through the project submission form with document and link to community hosted project to before April 2, 2020.

Hardware/Software Build Requirements

  • Project must be based on Arm technology.
  • Through your project you have demonstrated use of knowledge learned thanks to the Arm AIoT Dev Summit such as specific hardware and software and/or cloud services.
  • Have you used as part of your proof of concept the knowledge and/or the hardware acquired during the AIoT Dev Summit. Make sure to also specify which parts of your project where inspired by what you have learned during the Arm AIoT Dev Summit.
  • Software – You can take advantage of the latest cloud services, tools and ML software such as Arm NN, computer library, CMSIS-NN, uTensor as well as Arm’s ecosystem partner tools and methodologies that have been introduced during the Arm AIoT Dev Summit.
  • Hardware – You should take advantage of the multiple different flavours of Arm based hardware you have become familiar with during the Arm AIoT Dev Summit. You are welcome to use Arm based hardware such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Udoo or other platforms of your choice.

Judging Criteria

The project is judged against a maximum of 100 points + 50 Bonus Points.

Project Documentation (30 points)

Instructions – Describe how you created your project, include images, screenshots, and/or videos. As well as a demonstration of the final working solution.

If you are using cloud services, make sure to include an architecture diagram and be specific about the different parts. If you are doing machine learning? Have you provided a Jupyter notebook or something equivalent.

Does your creation also involve a complex hardware setup, with perhaps multiple boards? If yes, are you depicting the circuit diagram? You can use software like to draw it, and/or take detailed photographs.

Boundary Pushing, Innovation and Creativity (20 points)

Have you considered tackling a problem that hasn’t been tackled before? Or perhaps have you considered tackling an old problem in a different and more innovative way? Are you taking advantage of what you learned to push the boundaries in your areas of interest?

Use of multiple technologies in the ecosystem (20 points)

Are you using different Arm based hardware or different tools and software provided by Arm or the Arm ecosystem? Have you thought of combining multiple things you have learned in one product?

Include working code with helpful comments (10 points)

Have you tried to show your code to a friend, can they understand what you have wrote and why?

Scalability (10 points)

You only need to build a prototype, but have you considered what would stop you from building 1,000 units? Is there something else you should consider? What could be the biggest downfall?

Security (10 points)

Did you think about data security? Have you used any specific techniques to ensure that the data being captured is secured away from potential hackers?

Bonus points for addressing one of the three following themes:

Sustainability (up to 10 points)

Does your project have the potential to create positive change at scale? Have you heard about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) (Global Goals)? Is your project addressing one or more of the 17 SDGs?

Have you thought how what you have learned could deliver positive social impact to children and their families living in cities? Make sure to have a look at the Tech Bets for an Urban World.

AI on the Edge (up to 10 points)

Is your creation able to operate on the acquired data locally without having to rely on a cloud connection all the time?

Have you developed a new deep learning model for the task you are trying to solve, or have you taken an existing model and adapted it to your use case? Or alternatively have you trained a pre-existing model using your own data set?

Autonomy (up to 10 points)

Is your autonomous machine able to operate on a specific task without any human inputs? Can it carry something from point A to point B autonomously? Can it launch a specific task only when a particular condition is met?

Social Media (up to 10 points)

Make sure to post about your project updates using the #ArmAIoTChallenge to obtain extra points!

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